The “Consortium of South East Asian Universities” is being coordinated by Purnea University that includes Universities from Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Jharkhand, North Bihar and North East India. These Universities are facing challenges in higher education including weak infrastructure and manpower.

The Consortium will serve as an innovative platform for academic professionals to engage and share strategies for building institutional effectiveness, increasing equitable outcomes and supporting career readiness for the students. CSEAU’s broad development goal is to reorient and refocus our Higher Education system with the focus on “Market Driven Economy” than the “Fixed Economy”. This will include student and faculty-exchange visit, enrichment and internationalization of the course curriculum of associated Universities of consortium, exchange and written MOU with developed universities and will develop combined research and academic projects for national and international funding.


  1. To promote the education system of associated Universities under “Market Driven Economy”.
  2. To internationalize Higher Education in Universities of Bihar and associated Universities of the consortium.
  3. Providing world class infrastructure and ideal environment for education, research, innovation, consultancy and entrepreneurship.


To be a leader in implementing collaborative strategies for excellent education and cutting-edge research, innovation, consultancy and entrepreneurship for the benefit of the Southeast Asian region.


The mission of the consortium is to improve and expand economic collaboration to achieve mutually beneficial goals. This Consortium is originally designed to foster inter-institutional co-operation among associated Universities for the purpose of enhancing services in Higher Education. The initiative aims to stimulate viable multidisciplinary educational hubs at associated Universities; create networks of locally-trained internationally- recognized scholars; and enhance the competence of associated universities to lead globally-competitive academic and training programs. Establishing strategic relationship with leading National and International Universities. This multi-institutional, multipurpose consortium is designed to internationalize Higher Education in Universities of Bihar and of the other associated Universities of the consortium.